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The Capriol team uses its automation expertise and knowledge of mobility, robotics, and digital industrialization to bring Industry 4.0 to manufacturers. They design systems that are universally adaptable to diverse tasks and redeployable across applications. Their solutions are scalable and sustainable.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2004 as a manufacturing controls services company, Capriol refocused on new automation. In 2015, Capriol introduced its first mobile machine tending system to support low to mid-volume manufacturing plants.

We now provide tri-faceted, low-cost, agile robotic automation solution:

    • Supports part pick and drop-off from additive and subtractive machines
    • Delivers a sensor-based platform that can be deployed in seconds to any part of the factory
    • Provides a machine service platform to automate machine service calls

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Leadership Team

Greg Filipowicz

Tom Post

Gurdayal Koonjul

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Embrace uncertainty, dream big and provide immediate value to our customers.

Outcome Driven

Build long term standing partnerships with our customers.


Deliver results with speed, stay focused and be responsive to our customers’ requirements.


Be resilient, entrepreneurial and innovative to provide the highest returns to our customers.


Make decisions and act quickly in the customers’ best interest.


Keep it simple and focus on what’s important for the customer to win.

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For more information about Capriol’s Mobile Machine Tending Robots Starter Kit, download our spec sheet.

Capriol creates automatic guided vehicles /carts (AGVs) with autonomous mobile collaborative robots.

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