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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people does a Capriol robot replace?

Zero. Capriol’s autonomous collaborative robots replace machines, saving customers the cost of capital investment.

How quickly will I get a return on investment with Capriol’s mobile machine tending solution?

ROI timing varies based on the size and scope of the solution you purchase. One customer mentioned achieving ROI within 6 months after project completion.

Does Capriol provide support with project planning for this technology?

Yes, our team collaborates with customers during the proposal phase to determine the correct fit for industrial autonomous mobile robots.

What do I need to tell the Capriol team about my product to determine if an autonomous collaborative robot system is an appropriate solution?

We’ll ask about the process you want to automate, the dimensions of your product, and the weight of your product.

What is the timetable to get a Capriol mobile machine tending starter kit configured?

We can get the starter kit up-and-running within 60-90 days after receiving a purchase order. This timetable assumes no change orders or customer delays.

Do I need automation specialists on my team if I purchase a mobile machine tending system?

Yes, we recommend you have qualified technical support available on an on-going basis after installation.

What kind of training does Capriol provide?

We offer customers in-person, on-site operator training, and supply manuals for the mobile machine tending system.

Can the robot get me a cup of coffee?

Yes. We’ve been thinking about adding a cup holder.

Capriol creates autonomous mobile robots  (AMRs) with autonomous mobile collaborative robots.


West Bloomfield, MI 48324

(586) 276-5117‬

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